CUT VINYL or PRINTED? What's the difference?

At CCDesign, we only supply Cut Vinyl graphics. We like the vivid colours, sharp crisp edges and general longevity of the vinyl.
We often get asked what's the difference between the types of stickers, so we created this handy visual guide to hopefully explain.

Above are PRINTED sticker on White and Clear vinyl. Notice how they both have a visible border/outline. Fine and intricate details along with colour and shading can be easily achieved as the image is simply printed directly on to the vinyl. The downside of Printed stickers is there is always a border around your image and sometimes, depending on the quality of print, the ink can rub off or fade over time leaving a blank sticker. 

Above is a CUT VINYL sticker. Each shape/letter is cut from a sheet of vinyl. No border is left when sticker is applied. The CUT VINYL sticker is supplied on a clear TRANSFER tape which holds all the shapes and letters in place when you peel off the backing paper. Having the clear Transfer tape makes it easier to ensure your sticker is applied correctly and straight. 
Once the CUT VINYL sticker has been applied, the clear TRANSFER tape is removed leaving just the sharp, crisp design with no border or clear outline. Colours are vivid and bright and depending on the grade of vinyl used, will not fade or discolour. (CCDesign only use high quality vinyl with an external guarantee of 3-5 years) The downside of Cut Vinyl graphics is due to the small surface adhesion area, fine lines and intricate details aren't suitable.These fine details could easily get caught on a cloth when wiping a window etc and therefore if your design has fine lines, swirls or shading, we recommend not choosing Cut Vinyl.

CUT VINYL stickers can be Multi-colour. The sticker is cut in the same way as a single colour Cut Vinyl sticker but made up of layers, each colour is laid over the top of each other to form the image. Again, the colours are bright and vivid and will not fade or discolour. The only downside to multi coloured cut vinyl graphics is it does cause a tiny ridge between colours but is hardly visible when sticker is applied. (The slight ridge can just be seen in above image between the Z and the O)